How To Start A Blog in 2020 [Blogging Guide For Beginners]

Do you want to know how you can start your own blog in 2020 and make money from it?

Very good decision!

The best decision of my life was that I thought of starting a blog of my own.

You have shown your interest in reading this article, it means that you have an interest in blogging and you want to know more about blogging and how you can start your own blog.

You’re in the right place.

I know that a question will arise in the mind of all of you that we need some investment to start the blog or it will start in blog free. After reading this article, you will get the answers to all the questions that are arising in your mind.

I was thinking about you people who do not know how to make your own blog, so I have written this article for you so that you can read this article and make your own blog.

Confusion always remains in the minds of people as to where to start.

Starting a blog is not a big deal, you can create your blog very easily, just you need proper guidance To help you start your blog in 2020.

Do you really need a blog?

This is a very common question whenever we start our blogging career. I can say with my experience that blogging plays an important role in growing any business online.

It’s like a channel to make a relationship with your customers and enhances your online presence.

Chances are, you landed on this blog either by searching “how to start blogging” “how to start a blog” or Someone recommended this article to you.

What are the benefits of starting a blog?

We are always looking for benefits. We are in college or we do jobs or have done any of our product purchases, we always seek benefits.

So here are the benefits of blogging.

  1. It’s the strongest tool to boost your online presence.
  2. It helps you to understand more about your passion/interest.
  3. Get More Clients to Your Existing Business
  4. You make money by utilizing your skills.
  5. You build your online identity and trust.
  6. Become a Better Writer
  7. You make strong relations with your customers.
  8. You help the world by writing articles on your blog.
  9. You educate people about your products/services.
  10. People become your loyal readers which give you strong recognition worldwide.
  11. You become more confident.
  12. You have money freedom.
  13. You have time for freedom.

When you become a blogger, you benefit a lot in everything.

Here are the 7 so easy steps to start your profitable blog in 2020 without making a single mistake and some Secret tips which help you to scale your new branded blog.

So let’s see

How To Start A Blog in Just 5 Steps:

Step 1: Choose a Profitable Niche for Your Blog

Step 2: Choose a Brandable Domain For your Blog

Step 3: Find a Good Domain & Hosting Provider

Step 4: Setup your WordPress Blog

Step 5: Choose an Eye-Catching Theme For Your Blog

Step 6: Some Importab nt Plugins for your Blog

Step 7: Write and Publish Your First Unique Blog Post and Make It Live

Step 8: Bonus: Best Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

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